Are Perceptions Reality in Alberta?

The old adage that in politics perception is reality hold true all too often.  Evidence based opinion is often overwhelmed by confrontational bias related to tribal beliefs, priority interests or just plain sloppy thinking. All of these are alive and well in the Alberta citizenry these days, especially as related to perceptions of Alberta's economic … Continue reading Are Perceptions Reality in Alberta?

Squandered Opportunity in Alberta

INEPTNESS Here is a link to the Keep Canada Working website. Scroll down a bit and watch the dramatic visual on how much the  ineptness, negligence and stupidity of past government is costing us now.  This on-going calculation of opportunity loss is just from August 30, 2018.  This disaster has been going on for decades … Continue reading Squandered Opportunity in Alberta

Does Alberta Have $260Billion of Unfunded Environmental Liabilities? (Maybe)

Albertans own the natural resources in our province.  That is why we get to oversee their development and can charge "rents" in the form of Royalties. We also require those businesses who develop our resources under various agreements with government and regulators.  Part of the conditions for development our our resources is the obligation to … Continue reading Does Alberta Have $260Billion of Unfunded Environmental Liabilities? (Maybe)