Ousted MLA Accuses UCP of “Crooked Party Politics.”

Political parties are private clubs with enormous power and influence over our democracy and especially our elections. They are subject to being high-jacked by extremists special interests that make up their so-called Base. Those groups provides the voters and volunteers to nominate and elect candidates. We see this power of the Base with the Religious … Continue reading Ousted MLA Accuses UCP of “Crooked Party Politics.”

Examining Choice in Education

There is a great public policy debate/conversation happening around religious-based education being publicly funded. The most obvious example is the Separate (aka mostly Catholic) School system in Alberta. That is complicated enough but then add in the faith-based Charter and Private Schools systems with 70% public funding, all justified as "choice." Choice isn't the issue … Continue reading Examining Choice in Education

Here Comes the Green New Deal

Here it comes. The Green New Deal will shake the windows and rattle the doors of the political establishment in Congress and really aggravate the White House. The big-buck lobbyists, and self-serving Corporate Deniers of #ClimateChange are going to find they can't buy the usual political suspects any more, even if they survive the 2020 … Continue reading Here Comes the Green New Deal

Alberta Housing Market Chills

Here is an excerpt for the Alberta Weekly Economic Review with some sobering numbers on resale housing.  This is not surprising given the short to mid-term uncertainty around oil prices, market access, pipeline approval process dynamics and NAFTA 2.0 confirmation status given the results of the U.S. midterm elections. Resale Housing Resale market cools "Activity … Continue reading Alberta Housing Market Chills

Are Perceptions Reality in Alberta?

The old adage that in politics perception is reality hold true all too often.  Evidence based opinion is often overwhelmed by confrontational bias related to tribal beliefs, priority interests or just plain sloppy thinking. All of these are alive and well in the Alberta citizenry these days, especially as related to perceptions of Alberta's economic … Continue reading Are Perceptions Reality in Alberta?