Alberta premier to announce measures to deal with oil price differential

Well done Premier Notley. Now as we buy those railcars can we make sure the maintenance and repair not them is done in Alberta?

Also why can’t we float a bond issue here and let Albertans participate in the purchase that way even offering a slightly better than market interest rate to encourage participation.

Albertans own the oilsands. As a result I don’t accept this production reduction step as “interference in the marketplace.” As owners we Albertans an decide to sell or not according to our own best interests.

Selling at giveaway prices makes no sense. Afterall taxes only happen if companies make a profit. Royalty rates decline with commodity prices. Since both are uncertain if we sell at these prices, why sell?

The other hydrocarbon products we sell, that are not caught by the differential price, will bring in returns but let’s be more vigilant in auditing for claims on deductible costs to be sure transparency and accountability from our producers can be assured.

Who’s oil is it anyway?

One thought on “Alberta premier to announce measures to deal with oil price differential

  1. All the bitumen exported is a missed opportunity to upgrade and refine domestically and pushing up the cost of feedstock is a burden for the upgrading and refining industry, which is of far greater value than the small and less labour intensive extraction for export segment of the industry. Cenovus lobbied for the production cuts, while husky and Suncor and Syncrude and the Alberta Building Trades all opposed it. What does a comapany like cenovus have to do to get the premier’s ear?


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