Here Comes the Green New Deal

Here it comes. The Green New Deal will shake the windows and rattle the doors of the political establishment in Congress and really aggravate the White House.

The big-buck lobbyists, and self-serving Corporate Deniers of #ClimateChange are going to find they can’t buy the usual political suspects any more, even if they survive the 2020 election.

They won’t get past a youth movement with passion, persistence and power at in the voting booth as voting youth outnumber Boomers already and more to come.

Same could be true in Alberta after the 2019 Election? I say this given the number of young candidates, many of them women, looking to run…AND WIN! 

Mark my words, 2020 will be all about foresight for issues about sustainability not hindsight, except perhaps for the dozens of losing GOP dinosaurs who will fall victim to this changing mindset.


Veteran Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis (D-GA) has joined the Green New Deal proposed by the Sunrise Movement and endorsed by newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Here is a video of his remarks, among them that the people “have a right to know what we are breathing.”

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