Buffy Sainte-Marie

    Calling on all Settler Canadians.  Pour a drink...you may need a stiff one, and settle in (sic).  Give yourself a gift and take about 10 minutes to watch THE BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE portion of this CBC documentary.  You find it enlightening, caring and compelling. It is as much about Buffy Sainte-Marie as it is … Continue reading Buffy Sainte-Marie

Mr. Kenney is Getting Nervous?

  UCP leader Jason Kenney calls in NDP for an early election call in February for a March 2019 vote. He claims polls show NDP has lost confidence of Albertans and they should just step aside and let him take over. He claims the next NDP budget won't be popular and ignores the deficit is … Continue reading Mr. Kenney is Getting Nervous?

Ousted MLA Accuses UCP of “Crooked Party Politics.”

Political parties are private clubs with enormous power and influence over our democracy and especially our elections. They are subject to being high-jacked by extremists special interests that make up their so-called Base. Those groups provides the voters and volunteers to nominate and elect candidates. We see this power of the Base with the Religious … Continue reading Ousted MLA Accuses UCP of “Crooked Party Politics.”

Examining Choice in Education

There is a great public policy debate/conversation happening around religious-based education being publicly funded. The most obvious example is the Separate (aka mostly Catholic) School system in Alberta. That is complicated enough but then add in the faith-based Charter and Private Schools systems with 70% public funding, all justified as "choice." Choice isn't the issue … Continue reading Examining Choice in Education

Alberta premier to announce measures to deal with oil price differential

Well done Premier Notley. Now as we buy those railcars can we make sure the maintenance and repair not them is done in Alberta? Also why can't we float a bond issue here and let Albertans participate in the purchase that way even offering a slightly better than market interest rate to encourage participation. Albertans … Continue reading Alberta premier to announce measures to deal with oil price differential